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 Barrel Vaults

 & Half Vaults





Our Barrel Vaults and Half Vault Collection is made from molds out of  GRG-neoPlasterTM a class A firerated material which is good for commercial building vaults and high end residential construction.  There are numerous possibilities to increase the illusion of height with a vault in Kitchen ceilings, Grand Hallways, Corridors and Wine Cellars.  Create small "lean to" retail stores under a vault. Made from interlocking sections, they are easily installed to a substrate with screws, hangers, and tape and mud into place.




Barrel Vault Collection  



 1) Barrel Vault: 65"  GRG-NeoPlaster        














 2) Barrel Vault: 8 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster      















 3) Barrel Vault: 10 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster       















 4) Barrel Vault: 10 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster      














Half Vault Collection



 5) Half Vault 6 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster        















 6) Half Vault 8 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster     














 7) Half Vault 8 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster        















 8) Half Vault 12 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster      
















 9) Half Vault 12 Feet  GRG-NeoPlaster        



















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