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Stepped Ceiling Molding





Stepped Crowns are available in straight or curved in both concave and in convex shapes.  Use them for residences, store fixtures, municipal building ceilings.  They create a modern atmosphere and an illusion of greater height with the multiple tray steps or graduating platforms. If they are installed lower on a wall and do not meet the ceiling, they become light troughs for rope LED lighting. Stepped crowns are available in ArchPolymerTM for Residential use.  For commercial applications, specify the optional material ArchPolymerTM Class A Fire Rated or GRG-neoPlasterTM.




 1)  Height 13/16" ArchPolymer  














 2)  Height 13/16" ArchPolymer   














 3)  Height 1-3/16" ArchPolymer    













 4)  Height 1-13/16" ArchPolymer    














 5)  Height 1-3/8" ArchPolymer   













 6)  Height 1-9/16" ArchPolymer    













 7)  Height 1-9/16" ArchPolymer  














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