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   ArchPolymerTM Product Installation Notes


  General Description:

  ArchPolymerTM is a high density lite weight synthetic product with the similar density as white pine.

  It will not split, crack or rot. 

  All products come double primed and ready to paint or faux finish. 

  It is water and insect resistant.

  There are no specified lengths as all products are made from molds.  

  It is necessary to use the approved adhesive for warranty claims.      


  Fire Protection:   

 1) ArchPolymerTM is a polyurethane can can be protected against fire to a Class A fire rating .

 2) Go to our site   for more information of how to use the fire barrier paint. 


 Installation:    Note:  If the product comes in a plastic bag, make sure it is away from children or pets.



 1) ArchPolymerTM cuts and acts like White Pine Wood, you can screw into it, nail it, or drill it.


 2) Trace out the dome with a pencil on the wall or ceiling to assist in the final placement of the product.


 3) Paint with 2 or 3 coats of high quality paint or Faux finish the dome before you put it up


 4) Do not hang chandeliers from the dome, they must be suspended from the electrical receptacle box which should be enforce to the framing

     Before you nail or screw into the ceiling make sure with a probe that there are no electrical wires in the proximity of where you will be nailing or screwing.

     It is easy to cut a hole in the dome with a box knife or drywall knife, or drill bit hole cutter.  


 5) On various spots on the back surface of the integrated ring, dab construction adhesive

      Note: wear gloves and follow the instructions on the manufacturer's tube.

      Use only construction adhesive authorized for Polyurethane Products only.  Some construction adhesives may melt the product.


 6) Once adhesive is applied, position the item in the tracing area and either use Painter's tape to hold it in position

      or use a "pinner" with a compression gun to adhere to the wall or surface. OR use a screw temporarily to hold the dome in place

     Allow 24 hours to dry   After it is dry counter sink the screws and use plastic wood to fill the holes, prime the plastic wood and paint.


 7) Paint touchup to finish, you may want to use a paintable caulking on the edge of the medallion, make sure it paintable, most silicone products are not.



 Disclaimer Notes: These are general suggestions only and may or may not apply to your own application.

                                 Always consult with a professional for your own particular circumstance.



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