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 Custom Domes Page 1    

 Last Update APR-15

          click for brochures

  PDF: 13 Pg US$ Brochure 

  PDF: 13 Pg Canada $ Brochure


 Page 1)  Custom Domes

 Page 5) 14 Feet to 25 Feet

 Main Dome Page 

 Page 2) 19-1/2" to 5 Feet

 Page 6) Exterior Domes

 ArchPolymer Install Notes

 Page 3) 5 Feet to 8 Feet

 Page 7) Specialty Domes

 Fire Barrier Primer 

 Page 4)  8 Feet to 12 Feet

 Page 8) Coffered Domes

 Print PDF Order Form



  How to Request a Custom Domes, Vaults & Light Valences


                 Send the following information by email to


 Step 1) Your Details

  Send us an email with the following:

  Company or Personal name, address, land-line phone, fax, email, Job site address: physical street etc

 Step 2) Dome Description

 a) Supply us with the outside rough in where your dome will be placed 

 b) Shape & Size
         Is the dome Round - if so what is the outside diameter & outside height

         Is the dome Oval - if so what is the Major Axis, Minor Axis & outside height

 c) Vaults:  Does the dome have a vault under the dome or just a dome

 d) Does the dome require a special mounting Ring or how do you plan to install it

 Step 3) CAD Drawings


 a) If you are a qualified architect or designer

        - supply us with CAD drawings - plan views / cross sections / elevations with radius

          simple sketches are not architectural drawings

        - Drawings must include allowances for installations - ie mounting rims etc


 b) If you are NOT an architect

       - Plan view / cross sections / elevation Drawings must be made in order to create an quotation

       - There is a charge for design services, enquire for fee schedules

       Imperial's Custom Department offers the design services of  Martin Richards Design and Contracting Inc.


 Step 4) Material


  Specify the material from the list below on this page


 Step 5) Price Quote

  The custom department does not do rough estimates

  Once drawings are received from a qualified architect or you have engaged the services of MRDCI,

  a detailed quote with delivery and approximate time frame will be generated

  There will be mold costs in addition to the cost of the dome


 Step 6) Production

  Upon acceptance of the quotation, the quote form and drawings must be signed

  All custom orders are fully prepaid in advance and cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned


 Step 7) Timelines

  Imperial offers 2 levels of Production Service

  Level 1) VIP Priority Processing with VIP Priority Production Scheduling.

                This bumps your order ahead of regular production schedules.

                This level of service is available on a case by case basis and has additional charges


  Level 2) Standard Processing Service & Standard Production Time 


  Optional Guaranteed Timeline:

  In both levels of service, due to the nature of Custom Items, timelines are approximate only

  There may be delays in production, customs and transport

  Guaranteed delivery times are available through our legal department with insurance bonds placed for delivery times

  There is a substantial charge for the insurance bond and legal fees required.



Custom Dome are Available for the Following Materials


  Domes in ArchPolymerTM

   Dome Type  1 



  Interior Round Dome & Rings

  Size Limit   8 Feet ( 2.438 meters)  


 Domes & Light Valences in GRG  Glass Fibre Re-enforced Gypsum


  Interior Round Dome & Light Valences

   Size Limit  very flexible - the larger they are the more parts

 Interior Domes in Fiberglass


  Interior Round Dome & Ring 

  Example:   IPDM3015  

  Imperial: 26Feet-3" (315") diameter, 157-1/2" high

   Metric: 8 meter diameter, 4 meters high  

 Exterior Domes in Fiberglass


  Dome Type  6
















 Page 1)  Custom Domes

 Page 5) 14 Feet to 25 Feet


 Page 2) 19-1/2" to 5 Feet

 Page 6) Exterior Domes

 ArchPolymer Install Notes

 Page 3) 5 Feet to 8 Feet

  Page 7) Specialty Domes

 Fire Barrier Primer 

 Page 4)  8 Feet to 12 Feet

 Main Dome Page 

 Print PDF Order Form



  How to Order Products                         

  how to order products  pay by mastercard or visa  

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 Click here for Website Disclaimer

  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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