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  Imperial Surface Round DomesTM 

  Last Update FEB-2014

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 Material 1) ArchPolymerTM Pricing & Specifications

  Imperial Residential Product   - Interior & Exterior Use

  Available Sizes

 Made from Molds -  no customization in size  

 No Minimums - sold individually

  Expansion Idea


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  Material Properties


  click for ArchPolymer Properties      movie about archpolymer

  ArchPolymerTM is a high quality lite weight artificial wood,

 density similar to White Pine,  Solid Material (not plastic)

 Insect, rot and water resistant


 Sold as an unfinished building component, Decorative, Non-Load bearing

 Interior Use, for Exterior paint immediately to protect against the elements

  Finishing Notes

  Comes White Primed ready to Paint or Faux Finish

  Paint: Use oil or Water base paints Interior may require filling and sanding by others

  Installation Notes

 Install  with approved construction adhesive and screws

 Use a Poly Spackling Compound to fill holes and gaps

 Integration hardware is in not included. 

  Fire Protection


 click for firecoating primer

  Add an Optional

  Class A Fire Rated Primer



 Material 2) GRG (Glass Fiber Re-enforced Gypsum)

 Imperial Commercial Custom Product  - Interior Use

  Available Sizes

 Made from Molds -  no customization in size  

 Minimum orders required

  Material Properties


 click for GRG

 GRG is a composite consisting of alpha gypsum cement and water, reinforced

 with glass fibers.  It is strong and low maintenance.

 Non toxic, no odor, no emissions, Insect, rot resistant

 It is a 3/16" thick laminate that can be reinforced with wood or steel

 Lite weight 2 to 3 lbs per square foot (.9072kg to 1.36kg per 30.48cm sq)


 Sold as an unfinished building component, Decorative, Non-Load bearing

 Interior Use only - not suitable for inside swimming pool areas

  Finishing Notes

  Does not come Primed - requires priming by others

  Paint: Use oil or Water base paints

  Installation Notes

 Install  with a construction adhesive and screws, tape and mud into place or

 use a Poly Spackling Compound to fill holes and gaps

  Fire Protection

 Fire resistant - Meets ASTM-E84 requirements


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 Payments by

   Certified check, International money orders, Bank Letters of Credit


  Please note: we do not take Verbal orders or Verbal Payments for your Security & Accuracy




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 * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

 * All prices, specifications and product availability are subject to change without notice

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